Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Beware of PHPTravels.com | Scam | Reviews | DO NOT BUY

To cut the long story short, we're looking for a travel software and found them online. Since we are new to their software so we asked some questions and we're taken aback by their replies.

Besides their poor replies in English, they completely missed our point for question 2 and 3. They also missed point 4 and they referred us to view their Demo, which at this moment, showed us a listing of just one hotel for a country search. Their demo also failed to show how hotel api was integrated.

For point 5, we were hoping that they could suggest customization works for us but instead, they implied that we're asking stupid question and sounded frustrated.

We know we aren't going to get good support from them and so, we wrote back to inform them that we're not interested anymore and they seemed happy losing a potential customer.

We informed them about our decision to post this online to help their visitors make informed decisions before they proceed to invest in their software and here's their reply.

Just to let you know that we were given green light by them to go ahead with this post.

So there you go. We let you be the judge. To help you make an informed buying decision, check out the reviews by others below.

When we left a bad review on TrustPilot, PHPTravels were also quick to attempt to remove our bad review by reporting our honest review. And they attempted to do the same to another unhappy customer as well.

We're not sure about you but eventually, we chose to spend a little more money to engage a professional software house to develop customized softwares for us and one that provides excellent customer service and support, than to invest in one company that celebrates when they lost a customer and busy removing honest bad reviews from unhappy customers.

All the best.